Beaver Meadow work done, accounting to come

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Repair work has been completed on two stretches of Beaver Meadow Road in Norwich that were damaged in a July deluge, and drivers are no longer navigating a construction zone. What remains is finalizing who pays how much of the bill.

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The repairs were made by workers from Willy Earth and took several months, much to the vexation of some of the drivers who were delayed while waiting for the timed traffic light to turn green on what can be a lightly traveled road. 

This was a driver's summertime view of the repair work. But the barriers and lights are gone now.

Town Manager Herb Durfee said Willy's was low bidder on the work. The Selectboard approved a contract capped at the bid amount, $528,195. "Final billing from Willy’s hasn’t been received, but it shouldn’t exceed that amount," he said.

The net cost to the town won't be known until the Federal Emergency Management Agency completes a "close-out" review of the work. Ideally, Durfee said, FEMA will pay 75 percent of the cost and the Vermont Emergency Management an additional 12.5 percent, leaving the town on the hook for the remaining 12.5 percent. That would amount to just over $66,000 if the cost comes in as bid.

The most visible sign of the repair work is a patch in the road at each of two washouts ...

... And late last week, at least, a stack of barriers and bright orange companions.

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