Winter Sports Training Program
Ended November 13
November 13
11:00 AM — 12:00 PM
Price:  Full Program (8 classes) $120 or $20 per Class

Get ready for the winter sports season with Personal Trainer, Adam Dutille!

Testimonial: "[Working with Adam], I felt an immediate improvement in my carving power as well as my endurance which significantly boosted my stoke on powder days." -PM


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10/30-11/29 Tuesdays & Thursdays excepting the week of Thanksgiving

Full Program: $120 (Individual Classes: $20)

The class breaks down as follows:

  1. Proper Warm-Up Routine: A combination of dynamic and static exercises to help prepare the major muscle groups for your winter workout. Exercises can be done before you get to the mountain/trail, while you’re drinking your morning cup of joe, OR while you’re in the lift line (for those who like to sleep in)!
  2. Exercises for muscle strength/endurance, injury prevention & balance: Adam will guide you through a series of exercises to specifically target the muscles that are used most while out on the mountain (Quadriceps, Glutes, Abdominals, Hamstrings). This will help you tackle more difficult terrain (if desired), last longer out on the mountain, and most importantly… avoid injury.
  3. Stretching/Cool-Down Exercises: A handful of proper stretching and cool-down exercises that you can perform while relaxing by the fire after a great day of shredding. These are primarily static stretches that will target the worn-out muscles used out throughout your excursions.

Whether your goal is to build endurance to stay out for a few extra runs, hit the most challenging double black on the mountain, help prevent injury or all the above… this is the program for you, ultimately giving you the tools to enjoy your winter sport experience to the fullest!

Please register via the following link or call 603-643-7788!


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