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Won't you consider working for this man?????

Sarin Tin's Phnom Penh Sandwich Station in White River Junction is just about ready to open. But there's one thing missing. EMPLOYEES! Tin needs to hire at least 3 - preferably 5 - employees to set an opening date. All positions are open - waitstaff, bartenders, cooks, dishwashers. Won't you consider working in the hippest, newest restaurant in the seemingly continually blossoming downtown of  White River Junction? Doesn't he look like a nice guy???? 

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What's not missing: The construction at the former Polka Dot diner is done. Owner Tin advised Worth Knowing that the new location passed the state health inspection last week. He's prepared the menu. He has received a liquor license to serve beer and wine from the Town of Hartford. He expects to receive a liquor license for beer and wine from the state next week. 

Classic Pad Thai

So what's missing? Just employees. So are you interested in working at the newest, trendiest restaurant in the Upper Valley? Then email Tin at ppsandwichstation@gmail.com or call him at (603) 678-8179. Positions starting at $12/hour. 

Please think about it! We'd really like to see the new Phnom Penh Sandwich Station open. 

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