Southern Pride

As I worked I stopped and looked

My Grits RuN Deep..

Texan born, raised in the heat of passion, and cuddled in the North as a young youth at 11 years of age from a prison in Houston Texas, it was my second time in Vermont. I went back and forth from Texas to Vermont until 2013. I learned quickly what people in the North meant by saying;  "You cant get there from here"...I thought that was so odd........That old New England style humor........With Southern hospitality I said, 'thank you very much, I will get there and thanks for the weed and beer at the age of 15. I was a minor in a stolen car....under the foster care of the state of Vermont/New Hampshire........I had total freedom in Vermont whereas I did not in Texas. I was a wild child on the inside and a polite submissive on the outside...I mean the only reason I was in prison is because my Mom made me leave home, she just opened the door gave me a bag she had packed while I was sleeping, so I went to the local 7/11 store and called 911. I was picked up by two police officers and transported to a place called Chimney Rock Prison Center. Back to Vermont I was sent and for some reason I always return to Vermont no matter how far I travel from the place my heart is at...."Home is where the heart is".....

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