A Bake sale for a Celebration

6th grade students had a bake sale

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Yes ! they knead the dough

On my way to the Post Office, I noticed a tent in front of Tracy Hall. I knew the Nearly new Sale was in full swing, but I was surprised to see a dinosaur out front Tracy Hall milling around some baked goods. I stopped and asked Tracy Hayes if she knew what was going on.  She knew as she was one of the 6th grade worker bees that were putting on the bake sale. I asked if they wanted a short story done and they immediately accepted my offer.

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We first had to get parental permission for the 6th grade students that would be in the picture. Each parent was called and confirmed that it would be OK to take the group photo. We also checked with principal Bill Hammond before publishing to get final OK as it was a school function. I took some photos which I included below and asked Tracy to send me some info for the story.

Here is what she wrote:

Thank you for offering to write a Daily UV article about our 6th grade celebration fundraiser 10/20/ 18.  Thank you for your patience as we called all the students' parents for permission before taking their pictures and including them in the potential article. I have copied Mr. Bill and our 6th grade celebration committee leaders just to make sure it is OK to have an article about the kids and event. 

Here is some info on the event and the reason for the bake sale

The 6th grade celebration is an evening event- it begins with a ceremony, followed by a family potluck, and then a dance for the 6th graders. A formal invitation and details will be sent out in the spring.The celebration festivities as well as a class gift to the school are made possible by fundraising.

The 6th Grade Celebration Committee appreciates Elaine Waterman, Norwich Women's Club helping coordinate this Bake Sale in front of the Norwich Nearly New Sale on Saturday, October 20.

Financially, the participants have generous amounts of patience with our 6th grade "sale's reps."  encouraging   them to build their public speaking skills and confidence in working with the public which they did build... with flare!.  The event became more of a FUNraiser than a FUNDraiser for our 6th graders as they added their own style to the event: creating songs, dressing up in fun costumes, dancing and working in a positive manner for a bigger cause.   

Also, none of this was possible without  the volunteers who baked, chaperoned and purchased , organized, and purchased again- Thank you!

Best wishes,

Tracey Hayes 

Worker bee on the 6th Grade Celebration Committee 

Dino and the gang advertising the bake sale

The schoolchildren manning the table and waiting to make some bread/dough

A sample of the goodies on hand Yum ! Yum !

A menu listing if you will


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