A group shot of some of crew that showed up

Firewood Split-Stack-athon

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A busy place to be for a worthwhile cause

I received this e-mail from David Hubbard explaining the purpose of the

" Firewood Bee"  if you will that was held on Saturday, October 20, 2018 at the Beaver Meadow town owned wood lot. I asked David as the King worker bee to give me some info as the history and purpose of this project. Here is his response.

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I have attached several photos that I took to show my readers how much fun we all had and with no splinters that I know of.

David Hubbard 
Sat, Oct 20, 3:14 PM (17 hours ago)
to me


Thank you for helping out today, stacking wood and keeping our spirits up.

We had 16 people today, two young sisters, one college student and the rest were “old timers”.

We processed quite a bit of wood, running three splitters, one chain saw, and I believe six wheelbarrows.

All told I think we stacked 8-10 cords and delivered 3 cords.

Plus, yesterday my neighbor Rob McCormick cut up a lot of big logs which gave us a much needed head start.

Betsy Maislen brought a wonderful pan of apple coffee cake.

Jake Blum started this “firewood bee” after seeing all this wood accumulating over the bank behind the town garage.

He figured there had to be someone in Norwich and surrounding towns needing firewood, often when they had run out.

This firewood is for anyone in the community, Norwich and surrounding towns, who does not have the means (financial) to purchase wood.

I view this program as a way to re purpose wood that might otherwise just rot, and as a way to help people in our community who don’t have the means to purchase firewood. Especially when they have run out of wood during a “cold snap” and any fuel assistance they might receive has already been used.


David H.

Tel: 649-3882

First it has to be cut to the right length

As you can see, it comes in all sizes

And then it is split into the proper size log

Team work is key here

And then the stacking begins

Each stacker had a side of the shed and many wheelbarrows to contend with

And then reinforcements arrive to ease the burden

And this is what the chaos looked like from a distance

And then the end is near

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