Measuring a whopping 12 inches across!

Can you eat a 2-lb taco?

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Get free tacos! Only 10 more days to devour a Taco Gigante!

The clock is ticking. Tick Tock. Tick Tock

Hungry? Love a challenge? Want a free taco every week for a year?  

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Head over to Margaritas now through October 31st to take on their 2-lb taco challenge. Finish it and you get a free taco each week for a year (loaded on to your Circle of Friends account, Margaritas reward card).

What's in it? Just about everything:

  • seasoned chicken
  • ground beef
  • pork carnitas
  • bacon (yep, whole strips)
  • cheese
  • lettuce
  • refried beans
  • Mexican rice
  • salsa fresca
  • queso
  • hacienda and picante sauces
  • crema
  • pickled jalapeños

Full disclosure. I did not eat this, nor did I try. I don't know if I could without physical pain. But one of my guests may have been a younger male whose primary goal was to finish this taco, so off we went!

After a quick order, a rather long wait for an empty restaurant, and compliance with the "don't fill up on chips and salsa" rule, the taco arrived just as pictured. After a few laughs and comparisons of the taco to the size of our heads, the challenge commenced.

Where to start? The top seemed wrong. Who eats a taco from the top? But tipping it sideways seemed just as large. No mind, side attack it was. After just a few bites, it was determined this just wouldn't work so my guest broke open the taco shell like a book, and using a fork pulled out all the fillings. Using the taco shell as a giant nacho chip, he began the feast. Ten minutes later, the plate was clean, except for a small pile of jalapeños. We mentioned they may not count it as done unless everything is gone, so he scooped up the heap and finished  them off. Then drank half a glass of water. Victory! How'd it taste? Awesome. It had everything in it and the scooping was apparently the way to go.

I've decided that teenage boys do not have regular stomachs; there is a fiery furnace instead, capable of burning any volume or variety of food. This is something they seem to be proud of, like a rite of passage. Perhaps the taco challenge is now a rite of passage for many locals as well since the "winners" list spans multiple pages. The waitress mentioned too many people have succeeded so they should probably make it bigger!

How big do you think it should be?

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