Luscious Latte

16 oz latte with housemade vanilla

A first visit to Lucky's Coffee Garage

I love our local businesses! I heard GREAT things about Lucky’s Coffee garage and I finally visited this past week. Lucky’s Coffee Garage is located on the Lebanon Green just by the CCBA. It has parking so no worries about finding a spot.  

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Despite arriving at Lucky’s eight minutes before closing, my guest and I were still greeted with a warm and friendly hello. Lines of old license plates decorate the front of the counter and a gorgeous mural covers the back wall. A mix of booths, tables, bar stools, padded armchairs, and outdoor seating provide ample seating. 

I took only a quick glance at the menu; my guest had already decided on a non-dairy Chai Steamer. I decided to go with a latte with their housemade vanilla 

The Chai Steamer arrived first. The aroma of the Chai was so intense that on a cold, blustery fall day it seemed to warm us just by the smell. The taste? Unreal- strong and spicy. While my guest is non-dairy, I am not. I could not tell the difference. 

To be honest, I’m not a huge coffee drinker. Perhaps it is because I like coffee with lots of cream and sugar, not the healthiest option. When my latte arrived, I decided to hold off adding sweetener this time. So glad I did because it was perfect as is. The latte was amazing- rich and creamy, with an incredibly smooth coffee flavor.  

We spent the next several minutes exclaiming how great these two drinks tasted before venturing out to enjoy the bright, fall colors. I’m not sure what magic they have behind that counter, but I'm sold! 


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