Sip and Savor Fall with these Drinks Using Locally Made Silo Liquor

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Do you always order or make yourself the same drink?  Looking to mix it up a bit but don't want to spend all that time searching for recipes that might taste good? 

I know I do!  I never what to order for a drink.  My standby is a nuts and berries, which tastes like a raspberry milkshake.  I love it, but I also like to try new things.

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Silo comes to save the day!  

Try these Drinks Recipes made with Local Liquor.

Cozy in a Glass

Maple, Chocolate, Chambord.  Oh my.  Decadent and cozy in a glass.

Sipping next to the woodstove, fireplace, or out on the deck with a blanket wrapped around you, just taking in fall. 

You could be playing a game, watching the game, catching the latest on Netflix, or diving into the next chapter of a book while you sip on something delicious.

I love their Cocao Vodka, so I can only imagine how wonderful these concoctions would be.  

Alcohol Made with Locally Sourced Ingredients

I love how Silo really takes pride in supporting the local community by using locally sourced ingredients when they can in their product. 

This is true to their Maple Rye Single Malt Whiskey, which was made with locally grown barley.  It was malted and smoked with Vermont Applewood. 

Currently they are working on a hard cider with apples from Moore's Orchard in Pomfret that was a big hit.

They also partner with Harpoon and Blake Hill to blend their products as well.

You can read more about their process, facility, and products on my article featuring Silo where I spoke with owner, Anne Marie Delaney, and she gave me the tour and inside scoop on the company.

Fall in Vermont

2oz Maple Whiskey
1/2oz lemon juice
splash of seltzer water

Add all ingredients to glass with large ice cube. Top with seltzer water.

(I just love the title of this one!)

Maple Old Fashion

2 oz SILO Maple Whiskey
Bitters orange wheel & cherry
Splash of club soda

In an Old Fashioned glass, muddle the bitters,  orange wheel, cherry and a splash of soda. Remove the orange rind, add the bourbon and fill with ice. Garnish with a fresh orange wheel and cherry.

(What a creative spin orange, cherry, and maple.  Sounds tasty.)

The Vermonter

1.5oz SILO Cacao Vodka
1oz Coffee Liqueur (we like PERC)
3/4oz MilkShake well with iceStrain into an Old Fashioned glass with no ice 

(This one is definitely on my list to try!)

Thirsty for Spring

2oz SILO Solstice
.5oz Sweet Red Vermouth
.5oz Marachino LiqueurCocktail cherriesCombine all ingredients except cherries in mixing glass filled with iceStir for 30 secondsStrain into cocktail glass and garnish with cherries

(I like cherries so this one sounded really appealing on a crisp day.)

Chocolate Maple

3 1⁄2 oz. SILO Cacao
1⁄2 oz. dark maple syrup

Shake and serve up.

(Dessert in a glass.  Yes please!)

Royalty is Overrated

1 oz. SILO Vodka
1 oz. Chambord, chilled
1⁄2 oz. Triple secLemonadeDram black bittersBlack raspberry garnish

Shake vodka, triple sec, and lemonade with ice. Strain into a martini glass. Pour the chilled Chambord down the side of the glass so it settles at the bottom. Add a dash of bitters and garnish with black raspberry.

(This sounds lovely.)

Thank you Silo for sharing these great recipes.  I'll be heading over to get my cacao vodka.

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