Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement®
Ended November 05
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Open Door
November 05
6:30 PM — 8:30 PM
Price:  $60 for each session

Cultivate Resilience and an Appetite for Life with Awareness through Movement®
Instructor: Frauke Voss
Dates: Friday, November 2 & Monday November 5, 1:30-3:30pmPrice: $60 for each session

Friday - Compromised Jaw Function Affects Our Whole Self
In infancy our mouth and jaw are central to learning.As adults we find that stresses often settle in the jaw, causing discomfort and even pain, with tightness in the neck and shoulders. However, a tight jaw affects not only adjacent areas but our whole self.
In this class we will explore the pivotal role of the mouth and jaw in relation to the eyes, neck and shoulders, as well as the breastbone, spine and pelvis and our relationship to the ground through our feet. A well functioning, released jaw makes us feel more balanced and has a profound impact on our physical as well as emotional well being.Monday- The Clarity of Hip and Shoulder Interaction Influences the Way We Walk through LifeThe relationship of shoulders and hips is worth exploring and clarifying. The shoulder girdle and pelvis are linked by the spine and there is an underlying ‘grammar’ to their relationship in movement. An awareness of this ‘grammar’ makes us feel more grounded and has an invigorating, life-affirming impact on how we move through space and life.In two dynamic Awareness through Movement® lessons we will explore shoulder and hip circles as well as shoulder, hip and spine integration.

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You will have fun!

Please dress comfortably, if you plan to attend.

For questions or to register, email Frauke at frauke.voss@sympatico.ca


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