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The training received today will come in handy in the future

In looking over the information supplied for this story, I could not help but think back to when my Son enrolled in a similar program for  ages 13-18  called the US Navy Sea Cadet program. He enrolled in it and received valuable training that helped him become a leader among his cadets. He went on after College to enroll in the US Navy and was given a promotion upon entering based on the credits earned from this program and his college education. 

The Norwich Police Cadet program is a non-profit organization that provides a hands-on career orientation experiential learning program for young adults in the Upper Valley region, ages 13-18, interested in the career of law enforcement, the military, and other public service careers.  The program exposes students to the various aspects of police work in order to prepare them for a future career in law enforcement and is one in which they can earn up to a full year of high school credit for participation.  Utilizing a myriad of educational approaches, cadets are instructed bi-weekly in auditory, visual and kinesthetic means through a variety of subject-related content areas. 

Cadets complete classroom and homework assignments, poster projects and take quizzes and exams.  They participate monthly in a variety of community service projects, march in parades, and assist local police agencies on details as needed.  Participating individuals are assigned to the rank of Probationary Cadet and have the opportunity to progress to Full Cadet status and fill leadership roles such as Squad leader, and the rank of Corporal as they progress through the program. 

 The program is currently full with 12 cadets and two on the waiting list in background processes.  The Cadets represent a broad demographic area with 3 cadets from the town of Norwich, 3 from Hartford, 5 from Windsor, and 1 from Canaan.  The cadets work closely with the commander of the program, Sergeant Frank, a full-time, certified police officer in the State of Vermont.

In addition to the commanding cadre, cadets are exposed to various law enforcement related career fields and have the opportunity to attend presentations and programs presented by officers in other municipalities and agencies.  Some of the agencies that they have already worked with include: Fish and Game, Sheriff’s office, Probation and Parole, Corrections, State Police, Marine Patrol, Campus Police, Constables, the Hospital Police and other similar agencies.

During the last training session, the Cadets were instructed on and reviewed the concepts of “cover” and “concealment.”  They further discussed the benefit of depth of cover, the impact balance and ricochets can play in effecting an officers shooting platform and balance.  The Cadets practiced returning fire while moving, simulated by using plastic pellet guns, to provide a hands-on learning opportunity for the participants.  Working in two and three man teams they learned to reload their weapons behind cover, to reload before moving, the art of slicing the pie and the benefits and challenges to the use of support and strong side cover.

Included below are a few images taken by the Norwich Police from various stages of the training lesson.


The Norwich Police Cadets class of 2018-2019

Cover and concealment training  ( I hope they didn't drive these cars before the training)

Learning different  concealment tactics  ( I myself like hiding behind the John Deere)

Every step taken is a carefully crafted move

Sergeant J. Frank
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