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Worth Knowing; DHMC will join fight against opiod addiction as a treatment "hub"

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It's been more than 5 years since Vermont created a hub-and-spoke model for delivering medication-assisted treatment (MAT), case management and counseling to those struggling with addiction. Vermont's hub-and-spoke approach has become a model for other states, including New Hampshire.

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Under the hub-and-spoke model, a person with addiction disease will typically begins treatment at a hub, which is specialty treatment center staffed by addiction specialists. The patient starts on MAT with buprenorphine or methadone and is provided with both individual and group therapy. Once a patient is stabilized and doing well on MAT - which can take weeks, months or even a year - the patient then transfers to a "spoke" in their own communities, usually a primary care provider, where they get their MAT prescriptions filled and continue therapy.

New Hampshire is adopting the hub-and-spoke model approach with the help of $9 million in federal funding annually. Governor Chris Sununu recently announced the adoption of the hub-and-spoke model in New Hampshire due to the great success of model in Vermont. He also announced that Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center will serve as one of nine 'hub" providers in the state. 

Under the new program at DHMC, anyone seeking treatment of their addiction will receive screening, referrals and comprehensive case management.

In addition to DHMC, hub providers will also be located in Concord, Berlin, Dover, Keene, Laconia, Littleton, Nashua and Manchester. Each of these new hubs will hold informational sessions within the next few months to let community members learn more about the new program before opening for treatment in January 1.

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