My Comment On Kenyon, Pepper, and DUI

I am thrilled that John Pepper has written publicly on his Pepper Spray blog about Town Manager Herb Durfee's DUI charges. See We’re All Columnists, Jim.  Finally, a public official (although writing for himself in a personal capacity) said something to the world about the matter.

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What took so long? Why has the Selectboard said nothing? If local government wants to quell "whispering" among residents, then say something.

Obviously, the Selectboard talked about the issue and made a decision. The blog post says emphatically: "You’re damn right we stuck by him. Healthy organizations do not discard people like garbage when they make a personal mistake that has no impact on their job."

The Town Manager is the public face of, and responsible for, Norwich government. These were public criminal charges. See Worth Knowing: Norwich Town Manager pleads no contest to negligent operation of vehicle to resolve DUI charge.  Residents deserved more than silence, particularly after the plea was entered.  I don't buy the argument that matter was confidential, not after the Pepper Spray blog post. It should not take a Jim Kenyon column to inform the public. 

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POSTED: 10.18.2018 


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