Box Tops for education at Transfer Station ?

Drop your box tops Where?

I bet the contents of these boxes will help ( All you have to do is fill them )

Great news... 
Box Top Collection @transfer station!!

Paul Albee, Station Supervisor at the Transfer Station, created (on his own time and with his own materials) these beautiful box top collectors for us. The Town of Norwich supports the collecting the Box Tops at the transfer station. Please stop by the two collection sites and deposit your box tops so that others can benefit from this worthwhile project.

Paul Albee built the boxes

The Box Tops for education program is explained below:

Boxtop - Wikipedia

General Mills (which now also owns the cereal assets of Ralston-Purina) currently markets its boxtop redemption program toward educational institutions; the program is currently known as Box Tops for Education. General Mills started this program in 1996 and it is still going strong today.

Ways to Earn Cash for Your School. Cash can be earned for your school through the Box Tops for Education program in a variety of ways:  One way - The Clip program allows you to earn cash for your school by clipping the Official Box Tops for Education "Box Tops" from the packages of hundreds of purchased participating products.

Clip the box tops and drop it in the boxes

Stop on by and drop it in

One of two transfer station locations that will accept your box tops

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