People Skills - Basic Communication Tools for Successful Relationships, Presented by Rich Blackstock, Ph.D
Ended November 28
Jen Bloch

This one hour presentation will include: 1) facts about listening and why it is so difficult to listen—given our current culture; 2) facts about family life and  why we don’t learn about communication skills at home or in school; 3) opportunity to learn one of the skills of effective communication; i.e. reflective listening. Rich can offer a way of ending any argument or conflict in 60 seconds or less—which can be very helpful to  husbands, wives, parents, kids—anyone who wants to end conflict and live in peace with almost everyone!

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Rich Blackstock earned his B.A. degree from California State University at Long Beach in 1965 in Elementary Education—Rich was awarded a US Office of Education Fellowship to attend California State University at San Jose in Education—specializing in Counseling. He went on to earn his Ph.D. in Child Development/Family Relations from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro— in 1975. Rich has taught courses in Child Development/Family Relations at the University of Oklahoma good naturedly called “Hugs & Slugs”! He later turned to marriage and family counseling—thoroughly enjoying teaching husbands, wives, families the basics of communication skills that make a positive difference in every home. Currently, Rich and his wife Polly live in Woodstock, Vermont where they have decided to enjoy life at a more leisurely pace—including tennis at the Woodstock Athletic Club and riding recumbent trikes around the Quechee area. 

This class is open and  free to adults of all ages. Advanced registration is requested by calling The Thompson.


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