All kinds of drugs found during Putney investigation

PUTNEY - Heroin, crack, methadone, morphine, amphetamines, marijuana, fentanyl, oxycodon, suboxone, hydromorphone and a "bulk quantity of US currency" were among the things seized by state police this past week in an investigation that began with a traffic stop on Route 5 in Putney last Thursday night.

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    Carmen Martucci, 56, of Putney and Kacy Christopher, 57, of Keene, New Hampshire have been given citations to appear in court in December on a slate of charges and police said more may follow as their investigation continues into what appears to be a quantity of stolen property that was located at Martucci's residence when a search warrant was executed there yesterday.

    Vermont State Police Sgt. Ryan Wood said that shortly before midnight last Thursday troopers  conducted a motor vehicle stop on US Route 5 in Putney during which they developed probable cause to seize Martucci's vehicle.  

    The next day troopers were granted a search warrant for the vehicle and they reported finding "100 bags of heroin, 13 Fentanyl Transdermal patches, a bulk quantity of US currency, 1 oz of marijuana, 38 Methadone pills, 33 Amphetamine pills, 4 Morphine pills, 10 Suboxone strips, 4 Hydromorphone pills and 16 Oxycodone pills." 

    Based on those findings, troopers were granted an additional search warrant for Martucci's residence on Christian Square in Putney which was executed there Monday afternoon.

    Troopers reported finding an additional 56 bags of heroin, 6 suboxone strips, 1 gram of crack cocaine and over 1 oz of marijuana.  Police said Kacy Christopher was found to be in possession of heroin at the residence as well.
    Both individual are due to appear for arraignment at the Windham County Courthouse in Brattleboro on December 18th.

Carmen Martucci, 56, of Putney is being charged with multiple counts of possession of heroin, crack cocaine, stimulants, marijuana and narcotics

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