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over 2.8 million apps available to choose from. (are they all real ones ?)

I have supplied this story taken from the Norwich List Serve Posting that Chief Douglas A. Robinson did this morning so that my readers can read this important information

This information is from:
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Department of Public Safety
Agency of Digital Services

Did you know there are over 2.8 million apps available to choose from between the Google Play and Apple's App Store?  The news carries stories of fake apps posing as real ones, which steal data and compromise your device.  With that many apps, how do you know the app you download and install is legitimate?

The biggest way to tell is by doing your research.  Here are some things you should look for:

*       Who published the app?  Scammers will use similar names; this happened with in 2016.  There were two apps available for end users, one from (real) and one from Overstock Inc (fake).
*       Is there a website listed on the app description? "Fake" apps typically have no official website.
*       Check the reviews! A real app will likely have lots of reviews, while a fake one will likely have zero, or zero negative reviews.  It's just not realistic to not have negative reviews.   "Fake" reviews will have short reviews, and will likely all sound the same.
*       When was it published? Look at the publish date; In the Google Play Store, a fake app will likely have a recent publish date, while a real one will have an "updated on" date.   In the Apple App store, you have the ability to view the app's revision history.  Check to see there is more than just the original there!
How is the grammar and spelling?  Check for spelling mistakes in the title or description. Many of these apps come out of China. Take extra caution if it looks like English isn't the developers' first language.
*       How does it look?  Are the logos poor quality?  That's typically a good indicator that it's not legitimate.
*       Beware of apps that promise shopping discounts. Anything that sounds too good to be true, probably is.
*       Still not sure?  If you still aren't sure it's legit, visit the store's website in your browser and look for an icon or button that reads "Get our app."  Clicking this link on the store's website will bring you right back to the App Store or Google Play to download the legitimate app.
*       Do you have an Android? Check your device settings:  Check to make sure your Play Protect certification status is on.  If this is OFF, Google apps that aren't licensed or verified "real" could be installed on your phone.
*       If anything is suspicious on the app permissions, don't install the app. Never click a link that says you need to enter your credit card number or any other personal information to avoid risk.
The important take-away from this is ... RESEARCH! Take a few minutes to look into the app before installing and help keep your devices secure.

Thanks / Stay Safe

Chief Douglas A. Robinson
Norwich Police Department
10 Hazen Street / P.O. Box 311
Norwich, Vermont 05055
PH: (802)649-1460
FAX (802)649-1460


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