Worth Knowing: The Etna General Store is not closing - new owners!

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Thanks to a comment by a DailyUV reader on the recent post about Brownsville Butcher & Pantry, Worth Knowing learned that the Etna General Store is not going to close as was previously reported as a possibility in this post. (Thank you, Kelly H., for your comment!)

The store is being purchased from Victor and Kimberly Dube by Nelson and Lisa Arroya and their daughter, Evelyn. Although the Arroyos are already on-site serving the same delicious warm food and offering a wealth of refrigerated and dry goods, the sale won't close until about December 21. 

Freshly baked goods at the store

Evelyn said customers should not expect any dramatic changes. The Arroyos may make some cosmetic changes to the store, but they recognize that the store has been operating very successfully in its current configuration and with its mixed offering of prepared foods and baked goods, as well as the deli and more traditional grocery store offerings. You know what they say about fixing something that ain't broke . . . don't do it! 
So stop by the Etna General Store and say hello to the new owners. Hopefully they'll be there for a long time. And if you're interested in getting a job there, please talk to Evelyn.

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