Barnard Town Hall. Site for voting on November 6th, or the site for early voting M-Wednesday during office hours 8 AM- 3:30 PM.

Why Doesn't Everyone Vote Early?

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Chloe Powell

Why wait?

I voted this week, and I'm inspired to sing the praises of early or absentee voting. The experience was pleasant. I was greeted by a friendly town clerk and assistant clerk, and informed that it had already been a busy day.  At around 9:45 on Monday morning, already 6 people had been in to vote or pick up ballots. I signed a paper saying I wouldn't be trying to vote anywhere else, and was handed a ballot. I was offered the chance to take my ballot home and send it in, or find a private space to fill it out in the Town Hall. I chose the latter. Easy peasy. Got it done and don't need to remember to get it in the mail or return it. 

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What's My Excuse? I will be out of town for the election day, but I would consider early voting just for the heck of it in the future.  Vermont is one of 37 states where early voting and absentee voting is allowed without an excuse. Just look up the town clerk office hours in your town and head on down.

Not in Vermont?  Find out what your state's Absentee and Early Voting Policies are.

Unfortunately, across the country, it's not as easy for many to vote as it was for me. Voter suppression is a real problem, particularly suppression of black and brown populations. see this. and this. If you're in another state, and you are in a position to help people register and get to the polls, please do anything in your power.  

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