Worth Knowing: What offices/candidates are you voting for in New Hampshire on November 6?

Submitted 16 days ago

In New Hampshire, voters will select candidates for the offices of governor, Executive Council, state representative and state senate, and for U.S. Congress.

For the office of governor, incumbent Republican Chris Sununu is running against Democrat Molly Kelly and Libertarian Jillette Jarvis. Running for the office of U.S. Representative for New Hampshire's 2nd congressional district are incumbent Democrat Ann McClane Kuster, Republican Steven Negron and Libertarian Justin O'Donnell. Incumbent Democratic member of the New Hampshire State Senate Martha Hennessy is running against Republican Patrick Lozito.

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The remaining offices and candidates voters will be deciding on are included on this N.H. Sample Ballot from the Town of Hanover. It lists all of the state offices up for election as well as all of the candidates. It also includes the two proposed constitutional amendments.

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