Worth Knowing: How to get an absentee ballot for the upcoming November 6 elections

Submitted a month ago

You've heard it an awful lot over the course of your life, but you've probably never heard it repeated as often since 2016 - GET OUT THERE AND VOTE BECAUSE YOUR VOTE MATTERS. Regardless of which party you align yourself with, your vote really does matter. So make sure you vote in November 6 in the upcoming mid-term elections. 

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Are you going to be away or unable to vote on November 6? Well then you need to get yourself an absentee ballot. 

New Hampshire elections: The City of Lebanon has a ton of very useful information on its website about registration, voting locations, absentee ballots, etc. Go here to learn about who is eligible for an absentee ballot in both New Hampshire and federal elections. Here is the State of NH absentee ballot request form. Fill it out and bring it to your Town or City Clerk. You can find addresses and fax numbers for those locations here.

Vermont Elections: In Vermont, you can request an Early Voter Absentee Ballot from your Town or City Clerk anytime within 45 days prior to the election. That's now, and it's a great way to avoid the hassle of parking on the actual election day. Here is the Vermont Early Voter Absentee Ballot Request Form. Fill it out and bring it to your Town or City Clerk.

Federal Elections: You can find information about eligibility for absentee ballots for federal elections. Here is the Federal Absentee Ballot Application

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