Worth Knowing: You can learn about cohousing in the Upper Valley on October 20 at Loch Lyme Lodge in Lyme

Photo by Akira Hojo on Unsplash

Pinnacle Project welcomes you to join them at 12:30 pm on Saturday October 20 at Loch Lyme Lodge for a discussion of cohousing. Learn more about building a small, intentional, collaborative, and resident designed and managed neighborhood for a sustainable future. 

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Pinnacle Project will also be putting its Loch Lyme gardens to bed so come early (around 11:00am) if you’d like to help, and bring something to share if you’d like to join them for a simple lunch.

The meeting will be held at Loch Lyme Lodge, 70 Orford Road, Lyme, NH 03768. Visit the website – pinnacleproject.info – for more information.

Call or email info@pinnacleproject.info with questions or to let Pinnacle Project know you are coming.

Liz Ryan Cole 802-785-4124

Rich Brown 603-795-2525 

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