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Worth Knowing: How BBQ is different in different parts of the U.S. - according to an expert

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BBQ Fanatics religiously ally themselves with specific styles of sauces and rubs from Carolinas, Alabama, Memphis, Kansas City, or Texas. What's the difference between North Carolina BBQ sauces and rubs and Texas BBQ sauces and rubs? Kansas BBQ and Texas BBQ? We asked a professional, Gene Driscoll, owner of Upper Valley Brew and Que, and this is what he told Worth Knowing

Eastern North Carolina is traced back several centuries which rely on a vinegar base (no tomato) with peppers and spices which creates a thin watery wash used to soak pork.

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South Carolina Mustard Sauce came from German immigrants. The mustard is thinned with vinegar and spices for a zingy flavor to dress pulled pork and other pork cuts

Texans style  uses a mop or basting sauce (and yes it is applied with a mop) these are more of a thin glaze that moisten the meat and adds flavor as the meat smokes. Mop sauces may include beef stock, vinegar, or Worcestershire sauce.

Kansas City is thick, sweet, and tangy. This is due to the influence of freed slaves moving west and the cattle rancher from the west.

Alabama is all about the White Sauce which was created by Big Bob Gibson in 1925. This is a mayo, vinegar mixture, with peppers and spices used on chicken and coleslaw. 

Memphis is a vinegar tomato based sauce. Memphis style BBQ is famous for dry (rub only) and wet (brushed before, during, and after cooking) ribs.

So there you have it - more than you've ever known about different BBQ styles, sauces and rubs. To try these out, you've got to visit Upper Valley Brew and Que at its online shop, the on-line specialty shop that opened about a month ago. You can either have your purchases shipped to you'll be able to  pick them up at Infuse Me (owned by Driscoll's wife, Jean) in the Powerhouse Mall in West Lebanon.  

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