PHOTOS: Crash shuts down Main Street West Lebanon

WEST LEBANON - A woman who slammed into a telephone pole next to the former Post Office building on Main Street in West Lebanon just before 2 p.m. Friday afternoon was transported to the hospital with what were believed to be minor injuries.

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    The precariously leaning pole, which was splintered to bits at the bottom and festooned with several large transformers around the top, forced the closure of Main Street from roughly the Kilton Library to Dunkin Donuts for just over two hours.

    Police said the incident began when the woman pulled out of the parking lot of the Ledyard Bank, which sits next door to the West Lebanon fire station, and ran over a street sign.  Moments later she rear-ended a silver Subaru in front of the Asian market and then she travelled onto the sidewalk and slammed head-on into the power pole next to the large Benjamin Moore Paints sign.

    The driver, who's name was not immediately released, was described as a middle-aged New Hampshire resident.

    The driver of the Subaru that got rear-ended, Juris Kaugerts of Hartland, Vermont was a bit shaken but said he was not hurt.

    As he waited for his wife to come pick him up, Kaugerts, a native of Latvia, explained that the woman who hit him seemed to come out of nowhere.  "She whacked me from behind.  I'm fine but my car isn't," Kaugerts said, adding, "She just seemed sort of out of it when she got out of her car."

The black Toyota Camry rebounded back several feet from the impact with the pole

The sign that was knocked over at the edge of the Ledyard Bank property

Main Street was blocked off for over two hours until a temporary fix was made to the pole

Juris Kaugerts discusses the crash with Officer Harwood next to his damaged Subaru

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