A dog day "morning" on Church street

OK who is in charge here

Is this a reunion or what ?

The other morning as I was leaving to get into my car ( my crossing guard shift was over) I saw something that was in my opinion worthy to write about. I had just crossed a group of residents with their dogs and  children. They  just happened to meet all at the same time and from different directions. I thought it was cool. I asked the parents / dog owners if they wanted to be in a group photo for a short story. Everyone was on board with my ask and the photos were taken. 

I stated that I would not use any names of the children or the parents/residents, however I did want the names of the dogs.  A parent was designated to provide the names of the dogs. I received an e-mail that afternoon with the names. 

Here is the e-mail:

Hi Demo, 

The name of the dogs this morning were:






Thanks for documenting the great happenings of our town!

See you soon, 

Later in the day another dog appeared on the scene and I asked if I could include the name.

Here is the contents of that e-mail.

Rocky (short for Rocky road). He's a two year old F1 back cross golden doodle - mom was a golden doodle, dad was a poodle. He drops off and picks up every day, and has since he was 8 weeks old.

So now I ask who's dog is who's and I ask the community to help me with my dilemma as I have all I can do to keep the names of the parents straight leave alone the dogs.

More dog  photos can be added to this story if I am available and not working at the crosswalk.

The owners are smiling and the dogs sure aren't growling 

Just about to start their meeting

Hey only dogs and people are allowed (no arms please)

Did they miss the meeting ?

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