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Worth Knowing: More information on deer hunting from Hanover

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The Town of Hanover has posted a lot of information about deer hunting season, how to safe safe on public land that may be used for hunting, how rules have changed this year, etc. Although some of the information relates to Hanover residents only, most of it is relevant to all members of the Upper Valley.

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Highlights from the Hanover Post: 

Please stay safe: wear bright colors when using our trails and forests. Special Reminder: The trails of Hanover’s Conservations lands, including the Trescott Water Company Lands, are open to all outdoor enthusiasts, hunters and hikers alike.

Special Doe Permits: This year, certain lands are open to hunters with special doe permits for the central part of town. However, hunters with regular permits are also welcome to hunt in these areas. Changes in Hunting Rules: This year, firearm and muzzleloader hunters have an extra day for taking antlerless deer / doe, and their hunting seasons start later than last year.

Dates for Deer Hunting in 2018: Archery Season: September 15 to December 15 Any deer: doe, buck or yearling. Muzzleloader Season: Any deer: November 3 – 7 Antlered deer only: November 8 – 13 Firearm Season: Any deer: November 14 – 18 Antlered deer only: November 19 to December 9

For Information on how to Reduce Deer Overpopulation in Hanover: See the Host don't Post notice on the homepage of the Biodiversity Subcommittee of the Conservation Commission. Check our Deer Management and Forest Health webpages for more detailed information.

Hanover Landowners: If you are concerned about the number of deer in Hanover and you please consider inviting hunters onto your property. You can instruct them when to hunt, where to hunt and you can require them to take doe to help reduce the deer population (hunting rules apply - see seasons above). 

To read the entire post, click here.

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