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Worth Knowing: Hanover will be flushing water lines starting Wednesday

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Fall Water Line Flushing

The Town of Hanover Water Department will be flushing the water lines between October 17th and 24th. The schedule is as follows:

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DAY 1 - Wednesday, October 17:
Kendal at Hanover, Dartmouth Printing loop, Fletcher, Chandler, CRREL, Richmond School, Ray School, Fire Station, Dresden, Curtiss, Bridgman, Woodmore

DAY 2 - Thursday, October 18:
Ivy Pointe, Ivy Lane, Parkway, North Balch, Storrs Rd, Crowley, O’Leary, Carter, Ridge, Brockway, Barrymore, Woodrow

DAY 3 - Friday, October 19:
Rope Ferry, Hilton Field, Occom Ridge, Clement Rd, Choate Rd, Webster Terr, Observatory Hill Area, Thayer School Area, Boat House

Day 4 - Monday, October 22:
West Wheelock from West St. to end Prospect, Allen, Sargent, Downing, River Ridge, Weatherby, Pleasant, Huntley Granger Cir Dayton Brook Dunster Claflin (Blow Off) Spencer Hilltop, Thompson Terr., Ledyard Lane, Sargent Place

DAY 5 - Tuesday, October 23:
Greensboro High Pressure Zone - Buck, College Hill, Cuttings Corner, Gibson, all roads off Greensboro, Route 120 South Of Greensboro, Great Hollow

DAY 6 - Wednesday, October 24:
Balch Hill High Pressure Zone –, Camp Brook, Haskins, Heneage, Low, Macdonald, Morrison, Pine, Rayton Summer (elderly Housing), Valley Road Ext, Conant, Tyler, Chase, Rip, Foxfield, Wren, Butternut, Willow Spring Condos, Brook Hollow

While the hydrants are open in your neighborhood, you may experience discolored water or a small drop in water pressure. In the unlikely event your water service is interrupted or you are experiencing no water pressure please notify the Hanover Water Department at 603-643-3439.

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