Worth Knowing: Investigation into alleged hazing at 13 Dartmouth College student organizations

The Dartmouth and New Hampshire Public Radio reported today that an external investigator is looking into hazing allegations against 13 student groups at Dartmouth College. The investigation will specifically focus on reports that concern a student’s health and safety — specifically forced alcohol consumption and sexualized behavior. According to The Dartmouth, the decision to bring in an external investigator was made after Dartmouth College received an increased number of anonymous and official reports about alleged hazing incidents.

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The organizations that are involved include five fraternities, three sororities and co-ed Greek houses, three athletic teams, one student life organization and the Dimensions performance group, which is a student-run organization that performs songs and dances about the College in front of prospective students in the spring. Next week the student groups will learn if they are under investigation.

If organizations are found guilty of hazing or other infractions, punishments will be determined at a later date, separate from the investigation.

Here we go again.

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