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The Town survey results are an agenda item for the Selectboard meeting on Wednesday. Approximately 500 responses were recorded over the three months the 30-question survey was available. 

Preliminary results are in the Selectboard packet for the October 10 meeting.  They are deep in the packet, starting at page 114 (unnumbered). A "deep analysis" is planned, "especially comparing 2018 sentiments with those from 2005." My hope is that the complete results get posted on the Town's website, sooner rather than later, without waiting for the finished analysis. 

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Although the survey covered a variety of topics, affordable housing is currently a popular topic in Norwich. Tabulated responses to two questions offer some insight on that issueand other survey questions cover affordable housing too. 

Responses vary greatly as to how many affordable housing units a should be built over the next five years. Around 11% say none; nearly 4% said 100+ units. See below. 

Source: Selectboard packet

With respect to where such housing should be built, no one area was overwhelming preferred. Route 5 South and the Village both received over 46% in support, with "Anywhere in town" getting 43%. See below. The results are difficult for me to interpret as it is unclear whether the 'anywhere' result should be combined with or subtracted from the other options.  

Source: Selectboard packet

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