Oct. 13th - Bow Thayer Presents: "Choirs of Aether"
Ended October 14
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Bow Thayer presents “Choirs of Aether,” which started as a tribute to Sun Ra but is now a project that explores the boundaries of traditional music and things undiscovered. 

As Thayer puts it, “I have always been very interested in improvisational music. It is essentially the way I learned music theory. That is, by playing with other musicians, intuitively by ear, and then later having what was created, explained to me by more knowledgeable players and teachers.” With the advent of his signature Bojotar, Thayer finds himself back at square one again: “I have discovered a way to break out of the mold of traditional six string guitar and five string banjo by fusing the two and using predominantly open tunings. I have never been one to follow written instruction - rather, my approach is to jump into a situation with pure abandon. After about two years of writing with this new instrument and variations of it, I am finally getting comfortable enough to travel into the realm of improv.” 

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Bow Thayer - Bojo, Banjo, Guitar, Vocals. 

Jeff Berlin - Drums 

Justin Guip - Drums

Steve Ferraris - Percussion 

Krishna Guthrie - Bas

Greg Ryan - Guitar

The Sisters Of The Silk Road Dancers

Lori Bullett

Shelby Collet

Stephanie Jones 





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