Is it LoVe

Peace.......Be with the...

True Grit......

What is LoVe? Is it the first crisp cool air of a new season, is it the first bit of the best apple pie, is it the long hot soak in a hot tub after a long day or maybe those quite moments we get to spend alone getting to know ourselves? What is LoVe? I am not sure I know love the way you know love or if love is just a form of our truest form..

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by Paulette Smith

As Sweetness falls upon my eye's

you are not far from my sight

As LoVe fills my heART

my palpitations rush

with the intensity of your desire

As the cool water's of Olympus 

falls, fire divides my thought's

While strolling through the forest

Echos descend from above while I expect the

fiery palpitations of my heART' desire to sweeten our LoVe

As I know myself 

I shall see you

In your most desirable altruistic personna

I have integrated your needs to mine

as if we were not two but of one entity 

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