Worth Knowing: Have you heard of Tunbridge Neighbors Helping Neighbors?

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

Tunbridge Neighbors Helping Neighbors provides much-needed services to Tunbridge residents through volunteer actions and acts as a coordinator for volunteer efforts. Such services include, but are not limited to, rides to appointments, light moving, minor repairs, home visiting, reading and computer help. There is no charge for any service.

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Tunbridge residents needing help with services like those listed above should call 889-3437. The TNHN phone line is not answered 24 hours a day; if no one answers, leave a message stating your request and a callback number. The board member responsible for taking calls that month will start calling volunteers until someone can be found for your specific request. Although the organization does its best to find a volunteer at the time and date you specify, this is not always possible. It helps to give if you give TNHN sufficient lead time to call around, and if TNHN cannot find a volunteer, there will been enough time for TNHN to let you know so you can try to make other arrangements.

If you want to become a TNHN volunteer, please contact any of the officers listed below or call 889-3437 and you will be put you on the volunteer list. You may then be called from time to time. No one is going to be asked to do something on a regular basis, week after week. Let TNHN know which particular services you would be willing to provide and TNHN will include that information on the list.

Current officers are President Pam Dietz (889-3315); Vice President and Treasurer Pat Howe (889-5512) and Secretary Maxine Young (763-8274 -youngvt@myfairpoint.net). Other THNH Board members: David Wolfe, Michael O'Donnell and Jory Innes. HELP US HELP OUR NEIGHBORS WITH A DONATION! THANK YOU.

TNHN is a non-profit organization with donations being the only source of its income. The organization's major expense is maintaining a telephone to receive and forward calls for help. Donations to help with telephone expenses would be gratefully accepted. Please mail to Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Box 2, Tunbridge, VT 05077.

TNHN provides an invaluable service to Tunbridge residents. Wouldn't it be great if every Upper Valley town had an organization like this? Why don't you start one in your town?

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