5 benches were put together by 4 Lions

A timely community service project

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Demo sofronas

4 Norwich Lions members help out at the Norwich Public Library

Someone in the Norwich Lions den heard a rumor that Lucinda Walker had 5 benches that needed to be put together, and was wondering if the Lions could help. He brought up the idea of a community service project at our Tuesday night meeting  and , the Lion asked the "pride" if they thought they could spare a few members to assist with this project. Four Lions immediately volunteered and showed up at the Norwich Library on Wednesday morning to find 10 large cardboard boxes containing all the needed parts to complete the bench project.  After some much needed contemplation in the new contemplation area we immediately opened up the cartons, laid out all the parts and even attempted to read the instructions. The mission was accomplished with not too much fanfare within a couple of hours.

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This crew is busy at work (too busy to pose for photos)

Every piece has to be held just so, until it is secured

Two down and Three to go

Phil Wheeler and Glen Britton on the left and Jay Van Arman and Demo Sofronas on the right

Finally a chance for a pose  (photo taken by Lucinda Walker)

Two completed benches

And here are the other three (Mission accomplished)

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