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My organic Moco "tasting" at the Blue-Sparrow

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A hot chocolate delight with all the right stuff

Yesterday, I stopped by the Blue Sparrow Kitchen to do a story on the Coffee with a Cop day. While I was there I had a chance to take some photos and even have a coffee and pastry. Click here to read that story.

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At the entrance to the Blue Sparrow off to the side was a demonstration table set up and customers were stopping by to check it out and give it a try. I had a coffee in one hand and my camera in the other, however was able to put one down long enough to try some of the delicious hot chocolate samples. I am glad I did as it was great stuff. I took some photos and asked if I could do a quick introductory story.  See the photos below and read the story  if you wish.

The "DEMO" Table

 Dodi Perkins and Amy  Perrotti Taking a moment for a photo with Pam Stiles

Christy Pearce says thumbs up after tasting the cocoa Dodi Perkins smiles in agreement

Lind Cook and Amy Perotti

Here is their story:

One day, on a frozen pond in Vermont, I met a mom who rivaled my passion for food. Within minutes (because, you know it was cold) we had built quite the friendship. After many entertaining discussions about healthy foods and our love of chocolate, we decided to create an organic hot chocolate company! Moco, My Organic Cocoa delivers a better for you childhood favorite using sustainable quality ingredients. Our unique blend is a less sugary, vitamin packed product we are proud to serve our family and friends. It's a tasty blend of goodness in a cup that's decidedly delicious year round!

MO-CO Logo

Amy Perotti and Dodi Perkins:

Contact Amy at : 


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