Worth Knowing: New LISTEN Thrift Store and & Donation Center opening tomorrow - and it's incredible!

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Last night I got a sneak preview of the new LISTEN Thrift Store & Donation Center that is opening tomorrow on 387 Miracle Mile in West Lebanon. I hate clichés, but it sort of blew my mind. It is nothing short of tremendous and will absolutely change the way residents of the Upper Valley view LISTEN, support LISTEN and receive support from LISTEN.

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The new LISTEN building is on Miracle Mile where the former Bridgman's furniture store was located.

Once you walk through the doors, the building is entirely unrecognizable. I had been in to Bridgman's many times, but I guess I had no real understanding of just how big that store was. IT IS ENORMOUS. And LISTEN has done an incredible job filling it up. 

As you walk in the doors you will be floored by the volume of clothing neatly - yes, neatly - arranged on racks stretching nearly as far as the eye can see. It is nothing short of a sea of clothing. If you're looking for something, this is where you'll find it. Men's Orvis jacket? Check. Ladies North Face vest? Check. Flannel pajamas? Check. Glam cowboy boots? Check. Ref Fedora? Check. Sweaters, skirts, coats, shoes, hats, scarves, gloves? Check. Use one of the 4 brand-spanking new dressing rooms to see how you look. Wow. 

Looking in one direction

Looking the other way

Good stuff

Looking for something to wear to your friend's Halloween party? Go to the Seasonal room and check out the costumes and wigs and accessories. While you're at it, pick up some recycled Halloween decorations for your house. Pick through the racks of kimonos and ball gowns and smoking jackets. 

Looking for children's clothing or games? Check out the gigantic Kid's Corner. You won't be disappointed. You'll find copious quantities of clothing, toys, games and small furnishings.

But it's not just the huge quantity of well-organized clothing for every age and occasion that makes the new LISTEN center amazing - it's all the other stuff too. LISTEN has organized the building by section, setting aside rooms for Housewares, Media (books, records, CD's, DVD's), Small Appliances, Art, Games, Electronics, Personal Care, Knick Knacks and Collectibles, Jewelry, Sporting Equipment and - wait for it - Furniture. You cannot imagine how many things are laid out neatly on shelves and on stands. There is no way I can describe how much there is - so you're going to have to get there yourself. 

One of the great things about the new LISTEN center is the room that it has to do its many jobs. There is a cavernous receiving warehouse with several stories for storage and organization. 

Downstairs there are gigantic sorting rooms, a couple of conference rooms, a large kitchen and staff rooms and lockers.

Sorting areas

The receiving area for donations is behind the building and there is plenty of room for parking and unloading, a nice change from the Hanover Street location. 

I've tried and I've failed. I just can't properly or fully describe LISTEN's new home. You need to check it out yourself. The folks at LISTEN were incredibly thoughtful when they decided to move from their 50 Hanover Street location in Lebanon to their new home on Miracle Mile. They've created a schematic that takes advantage of the enormous former Bridgman's building to showcase their innumerable offerings and to make doing their job - their multiple missions - better. 

The grand opening is tomorrow and will kick off with a ribbon cutting ceremony by the Lebanon Chamber of Commerce at 8:45 am. Doors open at 9:00 am. 

And don't forget - shopping at LISTEN and donating to LISTEN is the highest form of recycling. If you have furniture to donate to LISTEN, LISTEN will send a truck to pick it up. Call 603-252-0709. Seriously, it doesn't get easier than that.

Look for follow up posts on LISTEN's many activities and how your shopping and donations support its multi-faceted mission. 

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