Deep Healing (Sacred Earth Path: Seasons of Magic series)
Ended October 14
Essential Arts Reiki
October 14
2:00 PM — 6:00 PM
Price:  Voluntary donations are welcome for our regular Sunday services and special workshops.

Deep healing is happening in our world, in the midst of chaos, in remote retreats, even in our everyday lives.  The more we recognize and support this natural transformation, the more we shift the balance toward wellness and conscious evolution for ourselves, in sacred partnership with the Earth.

Many methods of Deep Healing are practiced right here in our community.  Each has its unique techniques and approaches, but all share some key aspects.  We’ll explore some of these important elements in an educational talk and sharing circle where we will have an opportunity to describe the healing practices we value in our lives.

This program is part of the regular Sunday morning Spiritualist service which includes brief healing sessions and a message circle where people may receive and share messages from Spirit, ancestors or guides.  All our activities are respectful, supportive and consensual, and all are welcome. Potluck lunch follows.

An afternoon workshop will offer more opportunities to explore Deep Healing for yourself, with a guided journey to meet your Inner Healer archetype, individual Reiki healing, guidance for crafting your own healing affirmations and practices, and time for questions about the Reiki method of healing and wellness.  You are invited to make a donation for this workshop to support the healing and teaching work of the presenter, Dawn Hancy.

Dawn is a Reiki Master and Teacher, Founder and Director of Essential Arts Reiki Training and Healing.  Learn more about Reiki and Dawn's practice at

This program is part of the Seasons of Magic series, celebrating the seasons and holidays of the Wheel of the Year, including the Equinoxes, Solstices and cross-quarter holidays of Celtic fire festivals.  This series alternates every other month with Kelly Chesley's Herbal Wisdom series to comprise the Sacred Earth Path programs at Vision of Light.

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