Mayflower: A David Fairbanks Ford Slide Show
Ended October 05
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Joie Finley Morris

The Mayflower

Slide show and open discussion.
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Friday 5 October, 2018. 7 to 8 pm. 
At the Main Street Museum stage.
58 Bridge Street. White River Junction, Vermont. 

This First Friday, museum founder David Fairbanks Ford presents ideas and plans for a 2020, “Mayflower/Santa Maria" exhibition.
In conjunction with some preliminary collections begun with the help of the Mashpee Wampanoag, in Massachusetts, and colleagues in small museums, and the Royal Academy in England, Mr. Ford wishes to compare and contrast our ideas of what the Pilgrims, (and Thanksgiving and the “founding” of our country) means compared to the actual first town in the USA, St. Augustine, Florida. 
A planned small exhibition at the Main Street Museum in less than two years, will coincide with the 400th anniversary of the journey of the Mayflower, and will focus on significant themes. Freedom. Escape. Refugees. What we bring with us and what we leave behind. "Compacts.” War. Tourism. Slavery. Diversity. And the, Stubborn, Persistence of Memory.
What's in a Rock? Anyway? 
And did our well-known artefact “Tumbler that May or May Not have come on the Mayflower” really come from Southhampton? (The one in England) You decide. 
May it please you. ==The Management. 


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