Students put on notice. Don't touch the fire or else . . . (Photo Dartmouth College/Eli Burakian

Dartmouth Gets Permit for Bonfire.

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Dartmouth's homecoming bonfire will burn as scheduled on Friday, Oct. 26  after changes were made to address safety concerns raised by Hanover town officials over the summer. The town had refused to issue an outdoor activities permit citing concerns that the three-story structure could collapse and injure spectators. 

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 A working group at the college redesigned the fire and proposed solutions to crowd control problems.

“The redesigned bonfire will look very familiar to students and alumni,” according to a college news release. “The fundamental design uses exactly the same amount of wood, but the shape is a little bit squatter.  The design shortens the structure by several feet, lowering its center of gravity to improve stability and increase the chances that the structure will collapse inward.”

In addition to redesigning the bonfire, Dartmouth will implement several changes to better manage the Dartmouth Night crowd. For example, students attempting to touch the fire will be subject to college disciplinary action which in the past included suspension for a year. (Yes, trying to touch the fire was a real thing in Hanover.) 

Click here for the complete list of the changes. 

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