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Worth Knowing: 2018 Hunting Season Dates in New Hampshire and Vermont

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Just as falling leaves herald the transition from summer to fall, so does the arrival of blaze orange and hunting season. Below are the 2018 dates for various types of hunting in New Hampshire and Vermont.

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New Hampshire Hunting Season Dates 2018

September 15 - December 15    Deer/Archery, Fall Turkey/Archery

October 1 - December 31            Pheasant

October 15 - October 31              Fall Turkey Shotgun

October 20 - October 28            Moose (by permit only)

October 27/28                             Youth Deer Hunting Weekend

November 3 -  November 13       Deer/Muzzleloader (antlered)

November 14 - December 9        Deer/Regular Firearms

 Vermont Hunting Season Dates 2018

September 1 - November 19         Black Bear

October 6 - October 19                Turkey/Bow and Arrow

October 6 – November 2             Deer/Bow and Arrow

November 3/4                               Youth Deer Hunting Weekend

November 9 - November 25        Regular Deer Season

December 1 - December 9           Deer/Muzzleloader

December 1 –  December 9         Deer/Bow and Arrow

October 20 - November 4            Turkey (Shotgun or Bow and Arrow - varies by area)

You can get more information about hunting rules and license fees in New Hampshire at N.H. Fish & Game and in Vermont at Vermont Fish & Wildlife.

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