Springfield man strikes plea deal to resolve several cases in anticipation of being furloughed

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WHITE RIVER JUNCTION - A 23-year-old Springfield man who has spent the past seven months in jail appeared in court again this past week and  struck a plea deal to resolve all of his open cases in anticipation of being furloughed back into the community later this year.

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    Conrad Moore III pled guilty to a drunk driving incident and no contest to the theft of a purse in separate incidents that took place in Springfield last year as well as to violating the terms of his probation on four separate occasions over the past year-and-a-half following his original conviction in October of 2016 for misdemeanor heroin possession.

    A Vermont court had given Moore an entirely suspended 3-to-12 month sentence for that 2016 heroin conviction and then the following month a court in New Hampshire had given him an additional suspended two year sentence for possessing synthetic narcotics in their state.

Conrad Moore III in court right after he was tased by Springfield police in June of 2017

    Vermont authorities had agreed to supervise Moore’s probation terms on behalf of both states but, in an affidavit filed with the court in the summer of 2017 Probation Officer Eddie van Dijk noted that Moore had been transported to Springfield Hospital for an overdose that February and wrote “During Mr. Moore’s eight months on probation it appears that he has not stopped using heroin.”

    Moore was arrested again in June of last year following an early morning disturbance involving several people at an apartment building on Wall Street in Springfield.  At the time police said they ended up zapping Moore with a taser after he allegedly refused to listen to their attempts to calm him and then struggled with officers who moved to take him into custody.

    Police said their subsequent search of Moore’s pockets turned up a large pocket knife and nine bags of heroin inside his wallet.

    “While Conrad was sitting in the cruiser he began to yell and scream again and was banging his head off the cruiser partition,” the affidavit said, adding that when “Conrad eventually calmed down” he agreed to take a breath test which showed a 0.151 percent blood alcohol level.

    The plea agreement struck this week dropped several of the charges that Moore had been facing in connection with that melee and instead saw him admit to using heroin and marijuana while he was on probation and to failing to abide by the terms of his court-ordered curfew while on probation.

    The agreement, which imposed a new 1-to-3 year sentence with credit for the seven months he has already served, clears the way for Moore to attend the Correction’s Department’s “Risk Reduction Program” and then get back out of jail under what is called “Pre-Approved Furlough.”

    Although probation and furlough are similar, furlough is considered much more restrictive because inmates can be returned directly to jail on any hint of a violation without first having to go back through a court hearing process.

    Judge Timothy Tomasi accepted the plea agreement, telling Moore “The court appreciates your taking responsibility for all this.  Hopefully the risk reduction programming will allow you to address any underlying issues and furlough will give you the oversight to be successful.”

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