Stop fixing the mirror...

In modern times, we look into the mirror several times a day. When we don't like what we see, we usually make adjustments to ourselves so that we like what we see reflected back.

We check it again later, and make more adjustments.
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It happens every day. Even at night, before we go to bed.
Most of us are not immune to this process, myself included. I make adjustments, too.
The problem here, though, is that the mirror we are looking into is broken. It doesn't show us a true reflection, and we ignore that; we make the changes to ourselves to improve what we see. 

What we should do, I believe, is to get a new mirror that does provide an accurate reflection. Make sense? Good. keep reading...

If I told you that the broken mirror above was really a metaphor for society, specifically social media and magazines, would you still see what I mean?
We toss ourselves out to social media (just made these cookies! yum!!) with the hopes that what will be reflected back is the same enthusiasm (thank goodness for cooler weather, i can wear my Uggs again!). Although this might actually happen (those cookies are my favorite, i'll be right over!) quite a bit (OMG, LOVE my Uggs. let's go get a #pumpkinspicelattechino and blog about it!), it seems lately there are more and more negative comments being reflected back:
"Why are you eating cookies? They'll make you fat!"
"Did you know there really isn't ANY PUMPKIN in that PSL? Ew."

The broken mirror doesn't give us what we want, so we change ourselves with the intention that it will. To wit:
"Just made these no-bake protein bars. #WINNING #healthy"
"Final prep phase: roasting pumpkin to use in protein shakes this weekend while doing some gleaning!!"

We might HATE protien bars or the thought of gutting an actual pumpkin, but we do it, looking for that all-important reflection in the comment sections.

What if instead of changing ourselves, we CHANGE THE MIRROR? Remooooove the broken pieces and reassemble it so that it does give us an accurate reflection?
I'm not suggesting that we surround ourselves with synocophants, but rather with people who we WANT to have near us, in our inner circle. 
Let go of those who do not fit. Repair the mirror.

Is it easy? Nope. Might you get cut by some of the pieces you are removing? You bet. In the end, though, you will be a better person.

Change the mirror, stop changing yourself.

Have a great weekend,


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