Meet Your Local Health & Wellness Expert Ruthie Silver

Every Friday you'll have the opportunity to peek inside the mind of one of our local health & wellness experts. They'll share with you their advice, suggestions, wisdom and answer their most popular question from clients.

This week let's get to know our local health and wellness expert Ruthie Silver. Ruthie is a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Group Fitness Instructor who offers classes and services.  

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Tell us about yourself and why you choose to go into a health field?

I am from Seacoast, NH but have crossed the border and have been living in Vermont with my husband for serval years. In a past life I was a middle school English teacher! We are expecting our first child at the end of December and are so excited!

I began running and working out at a time in my life where I needed to feel empowered. I had always been active but never been an athlete or spent much time training in a structured way. Lifting weights made me feel strong not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. It really changed my life and my self image. I also began putting more care into my nutrition after having a disordered relationship with food for quite some time. After working out and experimenting with nutrition for myself, I wanted to share everything I was learning and experiencing with others and help them feel and look their best, too! 

What makes you unique in your field

Many clients come to me because they’ve tried everything in the book and are in a plateau or are not seeing the results they seek. My training and nutrition strategies like carb cycling and intermittent fasting are unique, effective, and accessible and different than anything on the market. 

My approach is part hardcore, part care free. I am a nutrition and training nerd so I have effective strategies and principles I employ for my clients’ success. However, I am very nurturing and look at the whole picture. How are your stress levels? Are you sleeping? Are you enjoying what you’re doing? I think my clients appreciate that I know my stuff and get down to business to achieve their goals, but they can also feel comfortable and confide in me throughout the process. 

What question do your clients ask most frequently and how do you answer them?

A lot of people come to me asking what exercises they can do to shed fat around their midsection. 

My answer is not what they expect because the key isn’t in a specific exercise! 

The key to losing stored belly fat lies in proper nutrition, lowered stress levels, adequate rest, and a balanced exercise program that includes strength training, some interval training, and leisure cardio like walking and hiking. 

When these factors align, that’s when you’ll see improvements in that stubborn area! 

What do you see as the greatest health risk posed to this generation?

The overconsumption of processed food. These food products negatively affect our brains, hormone health, ability to fight disease, and weight. Unfortunately they are easily accessible and highly palatable so that people keep coming back for more and anything else tastes bland in comparison. Processed food is high in sodium, sugar, chemicals, and unhealthy fats. This contributes to disease, obesity, and behavior and mood disorders. Paired with decreased movement and physical activity, this poses a real danger to our generation and future generations. 

What’s the best health/fitness/wellness advice you ever received?

Your body hears everything your mind says. Whatever your goal is, you’re not fighting a battle against your body, you’re on the same team. 

Do you have a success story of redeemed health you’d like to share?

One of my friends and prior coworkers was looking to get in better shape for her wedding, improve her body composition, and boost her confidence. Like many women, she had found herself in a rut. She was confused by all the misinformation such as "eat less, exercise more," and was finding it hard to make sense of it all and apply strategies that truly worked and made her feel good. She joined my 6 week online nutrition and fitness bootcamp a year before her wedding and continued to do them up until she got married. I loved watching things "click" for her - she not only got stronger, improved her fitness level, lost the weight - she gained so much energy and confidence. She found a way to fuel herself and work out that was sustainable and healthy, yet brought the results she desired. She's still at it today and has kept up this lifestyle long term! That's true success!

What is your favorite area of wellness to practice? 

I feel so lucky to have in person clients and classes as well as online bootcamp clients so it's hard to choose! But I love doing my 6 week online bootcamps. The group vibe makes such a positive atmosphere of support! 

For me personally, since most of the time I am the one teaching and training, I like to treat myself to Inferno Hot Pilates classes - especially during the winter!

What are you passionate about, besides your professional life?

I love to travel, read, spend time with my husband, family, and friends...and I'm pretty much obsessed with our two dogs! Oh, and natural peanut butter. I’m very passionate about that!

What’s your favorite quote or mantra?

“The journey is the reward” - To me this is a reminder to take joy and pride and gratitude and victory in the process, even when it gets messy...not just the outcome. 

What’s one book you recommend everyone should read?

The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho 

What one suggestion would you make that would have the greatest impact for improved health?

Don’t wait until the “perfect time” to start. That doesn’t exist for anybody! Small changes add up. Drink more water, add more veggies, move every day. Only you can decide how healthy a life you will live, and you can start anywhere, at any time, and keep building that healthy foundation piece by piece. 

Any final piece of wisdom you’d like to share?

Work out because you love yourself, not as a punishment. Eat healthily because you value your health and longevity, not because you think you need to be on a restrictive diet. Mindset is so important - my clients who approach their health from a place of self love and who trust the process are ultimately the most successful. 

How can people learn more about you and what you offer?

They've got options! I'm on social media: @ruthie.silver on Instagram.Folks can email me at I send out a free workout and healthy round up each week that I'd love readers to get access to, so absolutely reach out! For detailed information about my 6 week online fitness and nutrition bootcamps, visit:

I also have a site that I’m currently updating: 

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