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Bath Salt

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I must admit I do not know a lot about drugs. Bath Salt keeps running across the headlines and appearing in my news feeds. When it was Chrystal Meth, I had to do a lot of unconventional research to get a true idea what the Country was dealing with in a wave of epidemic proportions then Heroin hit the scene hot and heavy. The time and energy I placed on the research on Heroin was extensive and relentless. We have all been touched by one or another Drug in some shape or form during this epidemic. Now it is Bath Salt, I have tried really hard to avoid the interface of this product because I am tired. My mind can not wrap around one more insane epidemic. However, I have gotten to the point where it is in my face most days whether it be in the News, on Social Media, Movies and in my very own back yard. So here it start's for me again...step one research on line as to just what it is..

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