Worth Knowing: Upper Valley-based nonprofit Positive Tracks wins prestigious award for its 'Sweat for Good' mission

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The Upper Valley based national non-profit organization Positive Tracks was selected out of 400 global entries to win the esteemed Beyond Sport Award for its 'Sweat for Good' mission to equip and support youth partners in championing causes and/or advancing change using the power of physical activity. Held in New York City, the international Beyond Sport Awards recognized twelve innovative global projects and individuals who are leveraging sport to spur positive social change to make the United Nations' sustainable development goals a reality.

Through Positive Tracks, youth ages 23 and under are building and leading their own athletic efforts and creating tangible civic experiences for their peers and communities. Positive Tracks helps youth make it happen with hands-on mentorship and resources like toolkits, a digital platform, insurance and capacity building micro-grants. For instance, youth are organizing soccer clinics to take action against inequity, or building boot-camp workouts to provide resources related to bullying, suicide or climate change.

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"To be recognized as the 'best partnership in sport for good' category among an inspirational group of leaders that also seek social change through sport is the highest honor," said Nini Meyer, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Positive Tracks. "This award only fuels our dedication to mobilize more youth to 'sweat for good' to impact greater social change and further enhance personal development. Positive Tracks experiences and curricula cultivate leadership skills like team building, empathy and grit along with tactical skills like communication, event planning and public speaking."

The organization's mission is to create a national movement rooted in youth leadership and youth-led change. More so, Positive Tracks has pledged to empower 100,000 youth change-makers by 2020, and seek companies and communities who believe that youth-led sweat activism promises a healthier, equitable world.

About Positive Tracks:

Positive Tracks is a national non-profit that helps kids make change using the power of athletics. Youth ages 23 and under identify a social issue, choose a physical activity, and Positive Tracks helps them use physical activity to take action. To date, Positive Tracks has helped 63,000 youth partners educate and mobilize community, turning 350,000 miles of athletic activity into advocacy and activism around core issues, and $10,000,000 for causes shaping the future.

Learn more at positivetracks.org.

Watch Positive Tracks youth in action & 90 second How It Works promo.

Contact Founder & CEO Nini Meyernmeyer@positivetracks.org.

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