Why I Like Finding Corn Borers in My Corn

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Henry Homeyer

Call me nuts, but I LIKE finding that corn borers have chewed on my corn. Why? Because I’m an organic gardener, and I don’t grow my own corn, most years. The raccoons are too voracious for me to grow corn, and I’m unwilling to buy an electric fence to keep them out. So I buy my corn at the local farm stand, or at my local Coop. And if I find corn borers, it means that the farmer didn’t spray my corn with chemicals.

This little bit of damage is easy to fix.

Edgewater Farm in Plainfield, NH, where I usually buy my corn, uses an IPM approach. IPM means integrated pest management. Unlike organic farmers, IPM farmers reserve the right to spray chemicals if doing so means they will save their crop – which a pest would otherwise damage enough to make it unsaleable. But they use the least toxic chemicals, and in the lowest dose that will work.  

All better!

So when I buy 6 ears of corn and one has damage, I don’t complain. I rejoice. No chemicals were used on it, and it only takes the flick of a knife to get rid of the culprit. I know some cooks will throw away anything with a bug or borer on it, but if we all were a little more open to imperfections, our farmers would be more willing to follow IPM practices.

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