Meet the New Easy Riders

Lebanon Police Department Adds a Motorcycle

OK Lebanon residents, while you are out there cruising the highways and byways of our region, you may get the opportunity to meet the Lebanon Police Department’s version of easy riders.

A shining new Harley Davidson motorcycle has been added to the Lebanon Police Department’s fleet of law enforcement vehicles. The two officers selected to handle the pleasant assignment are Corporal Adam Leland and Officer Zach Lawrence and both have been longtime motorcycle enthusiasts. Corporal Lawrence explained how it all came to be the latest addition in Lebanon.

“I have been riding motorcycles for years and thought about having a motorcycle here in Lebanon,” Adam explained. “So I went out and gathered all the information, price quotes and so forth and then presented the proposal to Chief Richard Mello. I found out that Chief Mello had once served as a Motorcycle Patrolman during the early part of his career. The proposal was accepted and now we have a new Harley Davidson to patrol with here in Lebanon.”

Officer Zach Lawrence echoed Adam’s enthusiasm and the motorcycle force grew to two very eager officers. “I had been riding motorcycles since around 2011 and when I heard about the proposal, I volunteered. I was accepted, but had to go through a very demanding certification process before I could go on patrol. For me, being one of the motorcycle officers is very enjoyable and at times just plain fun, especially during these nice summer days. It is also a very great way to meet and greet people around Lebanon. I have gotten a lot of thumbs up signs and smiles as I cruise by.”

Adam also thoroughly enjoys the new assignment and is quick to point out all the advantages of being on two wheels in an area laden with heavy traffic on a daily basis. “There are many advantages to riding a motorcycle,” Adam stated. “Primarily, when it comes to maneuverability, it is so much easier to make your way through traffic. A classic example happened just recently when we had a very bad accident to investigate and I could get to it much quicker as opposed to a police cruiser. Also, in enforcing traffic laws, the motorcycle has a lot lower profile than a cruiser.”

Enforcing New Hampshire’s law against using hand-held electronic devices while driving will be one important focus that Adam declared would be utilized while on motorcycle patrol.

“I have found that riding the motorcycle will be a factor in those situations. I can ride right up beside vehicles without the driver even knowing I am there. Often when they are texting, for example, they are looking down and that gives me an advantage.”

Both officers agree that the new addition will play a major role in keeping Lebanon safe as long as the weather cooperates. 

“I don’t think it would be very effective in February,” Adam chuckled. “Weather will dictate how long we remain on patrol.”
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