Health Insurance For Town Employees May Get Airing By Selectboard

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The Selectboard is in the process of reviewing the Town's personnel policies and that discussion is slated to continue on Wednesday, September 26..  One topic that may get an airing is health insurance for workers, particularly those not subject to the union contract. 

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The Town's personnel policies on major medical insurance are out of date by eight years. The Town typically extends the same benefits to non-union workers that union workers get. However, parity is not expressly required by the personnel policies. Union benefits might also be subject to change, as the collective bargaining agreement expired on June 30 and confidential negotiations with the union are apparently ongoing.

At least one Selectboard member has asked aloud whether budget savings could be had by limiting health plans available to non-union workers. Some discussion is required, as the personnel policy on this item needs updating.  

How do the Town's health insurance benefits compares to those provided by other Upper Valley municipalities? I don't know but hope the Selectboard does. The Town's health insurance benefits were discussed in a blog post last summer. See Health Insurance: Town Pays More Than 100% Of Employee Premiums For Silver Plans.


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