Unique Ways to Enjoy the Fall Foliage without Hiking

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Hiking not your thing?  Looking for a leisurely way to enjoy the foliage?

You've come to the right post!

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Here are some unique ways to enjoy the fall foliage in the upcoming weeks without hiking.

Paint Fall Beauty

Why not enjoy the foliage by painting fall colors at a sip and paint? You don't need to go with someone to enjoy this experience.  I went alone and had a blast, but going with someone is a super fun memory to share too. 

Paint pumpkins, cats, or barns at Tip Top or a beautiful autumn tree with A Muse your Palette.

Read about 5 misconceptions you might havewhere to go to enjoy a sip and paint, and what it's like first handor make a day trip of it.

Cost: $30 or so, depending on where you go

Time: 3 hours

Fall colors on a Glimmering Lake

Relax and see crimson and gold reflections on the water.  Sunapee cruises offers a daytime cruise to enjoy all the beauty the lake has to offer and even a bit of history while you're out.

Cost: $20, kids $10, family $55

Time: Hour and 1/2

Zoom Down the Zip Line or Sail Through the Sky

Photo Courtesy of Mt. Sunapee Adventure Park

Lake Sunapee and Morning Side both are great places to take in the scenery, and certainly unique.  Paragliding, hang gliding, zip lining, and more.  Make a day of it and learn all there is at the Mt. Sunapee Adventure Park

Cost: $50+, depending on the activity

Time: 2 hours +

Speed Along on Your Segway or Be in Awe in a Hot Air Balloon

Segway was unique ways to enjoy nature scenery without the work.  Cruise along the paths in Quechee.

Cost: $70-90

Time: 1.5 - 2 hours

A trip in a hot air balloon is quite a treat.  Surprise a loved one or treat yourself.  I certainly can't think of another more breathtaking way to see the foliage than high in the air, gradually cascading on the wind to the ground.  Plenty of photo opportunities!

Cost: $275

Time: About an hour

Learn more here.

Fall foliage drive

Peruse antique shops, admire cozy decorated front porches, and meander along back roads as you enjoy the scenery. You can see a list of recommended fall foliage drive suggestions with maps here and 5 local places/drives to take in the scenery here.

Cost: Free
Time: 30 min. or longer, depending on your choice

Fall That Will Make You Smile (or Giggle)

Minions. The Titanic couple. Hugh Hefner. A policeman. A motorcyclist. A cook.  These are just some of the amazing pumpkin people over the years in Plainfield.  Loop around 12A and Route 120 to see most of them (see an updated map of their locations here).  You never know what you'll find to make you smirk or smile but it's definitely worth the drive.  See 2016 and 2017's creations here to get a taste of the funny. You can also drive along Route 4 and 4A to see the Enfield Scarecrow People.

Cost: Free

Time: 30 min., or longer depending on your choice

Paddle to Calming Views 

Loons. A ribbon of color along the water's edge. The lapping of the rocks on the shore. No boat engines. Just peace.  This could be how you enjoy a Saturday this fall.  Kayaking is a wonderful and relaxing activity to take in scenic views. Here are some recommendations of places to go.

Cost: Free

Time: As long as you'd like

Ride Through the Woods or on a Trail

Whether you're a thrill seeker and enjoy rocks and roots on your bike, or are like me and like flat terrain, biking is a great way to take in the burst of color that'll pop up in the next few weeks.  If you're into mountain biking you can see recommendations here.  Great River Outfitters has trails you can explore or you can try the popular rail trail in Lebanon.  I've walked and biked part of the rail trail in Claremont as well and really love the river views and covered bridges!  You can also go horse back riding.  Here are some places to check out.

Cost: Free, unless you go to Great River Outfitters for their trails

Time: As long as you'd like

You can find more ways to celebrate fall here.

Walks and more activities to try here.

And day trips to be a local tourist here.


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