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Fire Department Featured On NECN Broadcast Segment On Toxic Foam Disposal

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Vermont is encouraging local fire departments to get rid a firefighting foam now known to pose hazards to waterways and humans.

The Norwich Fire Department is disposing of 34 heavy tubs of the foam mix and that brought New England Cable News (NECN) to Town. The 2:15 video segment and the story in print, Fire Departments Get Help From Vt. Officials Ditching Toxic Foam, is available here

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It's a spray-foam mix, known as AFFF, that was widely used for years, but which is now known to pose hazards to water supplies and human health.
"This is all going away," Chief Alex Northern of the Norwich Fire Department said of 34 heavy tubs of firefighting foam mix, some dating to the late 1980s, which could do more harm than good. "We don't want to protect lives and property with something that may injure them."
Many departments long stocked the AFFF foam, for emergencies involving flammable liquids or explosive vapors. It would help them smother fires efficiently. But over time, concern grew about chemical ingredients' impacts on water and human health. There are compounds in many older foams that can remain for decades in the ground, where they could creep into drinking wells.

Fire Chief Alex Northern stands next to tubs of foam. 



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