How Solar Power Has Grown Up

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Sunshine is really having its moment

How Solar Power Has Grown Up

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Back in the ’70s, sunshine was everywhere. John Denver released “Sunshine on My Shoulders” in 1973. Kids got Sunshine Family dolls under the Christmas tree from 1974-78. (The Mattel toys were sort of the anti-Barbies who kept the Age of Aquarius alive.) And in 1979, President Jimmy Carter installed the first solar panels on the White House (he had help.)

But, if you take a look at the history, you’ll find that now is when sunshine is really having its moment. Right now, sunshine--the root of solar power-- is fueling the energy so many are choosing -- not just for their houses, but for their businesses, schools, and even their spiritual homes.

We asked Jim Merriam, a veteran of the solar industry, and CEO of White River Junction, Vt.-based Norwich Solar Technologies, to explain. After all, their website reads, “Solar Power has Never Been More Affordable,” in headline font. What exactly does that mean?


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